Mean Jokes

Dark humor is like a kid with cancer. It never gets old. I was driving down the street when I saw a black man carrying a TV. So I hurried home in order to see if it was mine. But fortunately mine was in the garden, picking some corn. Where do Muslims go when they [...]

50 shades of black humor

1. Pedophiles are fucking immature assholes. 2. My Grandpa said, "Your generation relies too much on technology!" I replied, "No, your generation relies too much on technology!" Then I unplugged his life support. 3. What is easier to pick up the heavier it gets? Women. 4. Jesus Christ fed 2,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and [...]

Jews Jokes

What is summer activity for Jewish kids with ADD called? Concentration camp. What is the difference between a white Jew and a black Jew? The black Jew has to go to the back of the gas chamber. What is missing in a train full of Jews? One and a half pound of foreskin. How many [...]

Cele mai tampite glume live la Brazilia – Germania

Minutul 28: Give me a high five! Sa curga glumele cu chinchilla! Pana nu e 6-7. Razboi civil in direct la TVR HD. Sinteza primei reprize. Incepe a doua repriza: Brazilia are arsenal nuclear? Cum fac brazilienii sepuku? Daca ar fi un meci de rugby, Brazilia ar mai avea sanse. Timp mai este. In Brazilia [...]

Bancuri cu mecanici şi service-uri auto

Ideea era să menţionez ceva şi de parcuri de dezmembrări auto. Şi cum dezmembrările auto merg mână-n mână cu service-urile şi cu mecanicii, poftiţi nişte bancuri cu mecanicul şugubăţ. 1) Gigel își duce mașina la mecanicul şugubăţ. - Domnule mecanic, e grav? întreabă îngrijorat Gigel. - Ce să vă zic? Dacă ar fi un cal, [...]
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