How to write optimal lenght content for SEO

It is easy to write an article, but writing with purpose and giving your readers what they want takes time and patience.

An authoritative article will require extensive research. Today, I will outline how to go about finding facts for your content. This article will give you the steps you need, from outlining to finishing great content for your site. I’ll also show you how to stay within the limits of what you want to say while keeping your reader in mind.

There was a time when Google would accept content that barely touched the surface of the topic. Not anymore. Your content has to be authoritative and on the mark. The landscape is too competitive.

All SEO content writers and website content managers are debating the “optimum” length of a post. The conclusion is that you want to focus on quality rather than quantity.

The bare minimum, which might not work anymore, is 300+ words. This number is the lowest possible, albeit it would be considered “thin” content by Google. This length would only suffice for articles that are answering a very simple question that does not merit any further explanation.

A good length would be an average of 2000 words, plus or minus a couple of hundred words. The idea now is not only to depend on the length of your article but to focus on what you are giving your reader. Again, the quality of your article is what will appeal to the reader.