Icelanders can now get burgers and beer delivered by drones

The future of deliveries by drone is here, and it’s entirely wild.

Fortunate people of Reykjavík are the first to profit of a delivering service for burgers, sushi or beer.

The framework originates from an association between Israeli drone logistics organization Flytrex and Icelandic eCommerce organization AHA.

For this Iceland program, a delivery guy puts the merchandise in the drone, locks it for flight, and sends the drone on its way. At the point when the drone touches down at the flip side of its course, another guy is there to gather the request and drive it to the last goal.

The ordinary way that delivery drivers would need to make to achieve a similar area is a twisting one around a wide stream that would take around 25 minutes. Drone delivery for a similar course just takes four minutes. The organization hopes to do this around 20 times each day. The main prerequisite is that the bundle in flight must be lighter than six pounds. Flytrex flights begin at $0.80 per mile.


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