India blocks Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine works by trawling through a large number of sites, and taking screenshots of them, which are then put away in storage. The service enables clients to see what a specific site looked like on a specific date, or to see old sites that may have been deleted entirely. While porn and torrent sites are mainly blocked in India, Wayback Machine doesn’t fall into any of those categories.

The site already reached out to authorities, but with no success reported until now.

“Multiple attempts to contact the Department of Telecom and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology have gone unanswered thus far. Obviously, we are disappointed and concerned by this situation and are very eager to understand why it’s happening and see full access restored to” the organisation stated.

India has blocked the web documented webpage Wayback Machine, as indicated by India Today media. Clients endeavoring to get to the site have been getting messages that say the blocking is requested by of India’s Department of Telecom.

Wayback Machine is a fantastically significant apparatus and is basically an Internet file backup with more than 302 billion pages spared in the course of recent decades. India Today also states that the piece “may even hit India’s endeavor to fight corruption and is probably going to make various government bodies less responsible to the citizens.” The block is quite inconsistent however, with a few districts blocked, while others are allegedly ready to overcome the block.