Relatives say Venezuela opposition leaders are taken from their homes

López was sentenced to house arrest in July following three years in jail for his part in hostile anti-government street protests in 2014. His discharge was viewed as a leap forward in the nation’s political standoff.

Ledezma was sentenced to house arrest in 2015 subsequent to being detained on charges of organizing a coup against president Maduro.

Venezuela oposition leaders Antonio Ledezma and Leopoldo López were taken from their homes, where they were under house arrest, relatives of the two have posted on Twitter.

López’s wife and Ledezma’s little girl said they would clearly consider President Nicolás Maduro responsible for the destiny of the two men.

In recent days, both leaders called the Venezuelans to join protests against Maduro regarding the all-powerful legislative body called the constituent assembly, which was elected on Sunday. The assembly vote was boycotted by the opposition and has been attacked around the whole world as an assault on democratic freedoms.