Sex robot Samantha has a brain and can tell jokes

Sex dolls have always been a problem in terms of getting a realistic one. Not anymore! Samantha is a sex robot named  which has a brain and can interact with you in various ways has just gone on sale in the UK for £3,500. Vibez Adult Boutique is just one of two sex shops in Britain selling the sex bot. Samantha can be using a USB cable and can interact with people through artificial intelligence.

However, much like a real person, the robot can show insecurities as well as a fear of rejection, but as she gets more in the mood she can heighten the experience by requesting songs, with one example showing “her” requesting Ed Sheeran’s music.

Samantha is very much a prototype and she will be ever-evolving and getting better and better. The company, headed by Spanish creator Serge Santos, has sold 30 dolls worldwide and is now working on a male model.

“Samantha has different personalities and she has a family mode where she will be able to give facts about various things and talk about philosophy. She can tell jokes and she can’t just accidentally go into sex mode.”